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Zero waste cleaning for your home

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Reusable Spray Bottle

Effective Natural Cleaning Tabs

Less Emissions Reduces Carbon Footprint

Environmentally Friendly

Traditional cleaning products damage our environment

They come in single-use plastic bottles, already diluted in water. 

This means we are shipping millions of tons of water and plastic to retailers, creating enormous amounts of CO2 in the process.

These plastic bottles are then thrown away only to buy new ones, creating plastic waste that eventually ends up in our oceans.

A revolution in home cleaning

NeleTabs come in a compact and easy to use format: an effervescent tablet that you can drop into your favorite cleaning bottle, saving the world millions of tons of plastic waste.

These tabs are completely free of toxic or harmful chemicals. They dissolve in normal tap water. 

Scientifically Tested

Quality tested by the university of Massachussets

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Con el pack de bienvenida de NeleTab, podrás romper el ciclo insostenible generado por los productos tradicionales de limpieza. 

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